Due Vigne Winery


We Strongly Believe That Great Wine Starts In The Vineyard.

The heart of Due Vigne is our 6-acre Cinnamon Hill Vineyard located at 2,300’ elevation in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Considered a prime growing region for many Italian varietals, Home to our award-winning Dolcetto, Nebbiolo and Sagrantino, Cinnamon Hill is  stands as the model for the rest of our vineyard selections. Our other varietals come from specially selected vineyards throughout El Dorado and Amador Counties, many of which we manage ourselves.

Cardanini Vineyard


Located in El Dorado County, we the Cardanini Vineyard is home to our Zinfandel. It is planted to what is believed to be the oldest clone of Zinfandel in California, the Hambrecht Clone. Originally planted on Bradford Mountain in Sonoma County in 1899 at 1,000 feet Elevation, it is believed to be one of the oldest selections in California originating from St Francis Church in the 1850’s. We are so pleased to have found this special selection, and the wines produced are bold and spicy, with more tannin structure and acid than most clones of Zinfandel we’ve used in the past. With 2022 being the first vintage we made; we look forward to making these wines for vintages to come.

Viani Vineyard

Barbera 115

The Viani Vineyard is located at the famous Bayley House in Pilot Hil. Bayley originally built the hotel, bar, & restaurant in 1851 but it burned down. He rebuilt it from brick made on the property in 1861. This was an exclusive place to stay, eat, & drink back in the day. Mr. Bayley chose this location, 4 miles south of Cool because he believed the Pacific Railways would choose this route on the way to the mines but alas they did not. So in order to attract the miners to his establishment he would have large bonfires lit next to the property. The new miners, after landing in San Francisco and taking the stage to Sacramento, would ask how to get to gold country and were told to look for the pilot lights on the hills, hence the name Pilot Hill. This historical vineyard is the perfect site for clone 115 of Barbera, and is used to make our Reserve Barberas..

Catamount Vineyard

Cinnamon Hill Vineyard

Nebbiolo and Dolcetto

Situated at 2,300’ elevation in the Sierra Nevada foothills halfway between Auburn and Placerville, our Cinnamon Hill Vineyard is home to our Dolcetto and Nebbiolo, both planted in 1997. The name Cinnamon Hill comes from the cinnamon-colored soil made from decomposed slate laid down by massive mud flows millions of years ago with the occasional streak of quartz that became famous in the 1850’s for its gold bearing veins. Sometimes referred to as “Secret Cinnamon”, this vineyard reveals a secretive tale of the journey by which our rare Nebbiolo clone found its way to our Cinnamon Hill Vineyard from one of the most prestigious producers in Italy. A renegade winemaker secretly made off with the original vines, and indirectly Cinnamon Hill ended up a lucky beneficiary.

South Fork Vineyard


This vineyard is located on the South Fork of the American River before it merges with the Northfork to ultimately become the Sacramento River. The Barbera planted here is ripe with minerality, bright acidity, and playful fruit-forward tendencies making it a wonderful wine to have with Italian food, or sip by the fire. After the loss of our previous Barbera Vineyard, we are overjoyed to have found this special site, and to share these incredible wines with you.

La Collina Vineyard

Matagrano Vineyard

Sangiovese Brunello Clone

The vineyard is located just outside of Coloma on a pristine 80-acre parcel that sits right on the American River. The vineyard is tucked in a steep North facing curve of the South Fork of the American River, creating a microclimate that paired with the soils is an ideal location for growing grapes with character and nuance. The soils here are a gnarly mélange of round river rock and decomposed granite. Proprietor, Frank Matagrano was able to locate and plant the Brunello clone of Sangiovese which derived from the famous Brunello Di Montalcino in Italy.

Saureel Vineyard

Sauvignon Blanc

Saureel Vineyard is one of our newest additions to the Due Vigne portfolio. Located above Placerville, this pristine vineyard was hand-planted by our winemaker, Ken Musso. 2023 was the first vintage we were able to access and make the incredible Sauvignon Blanc. Made with a special clone called Sauvignon Musquè, it’s floral power, lean minerality, and delicate nose make it a unique and special style of the wine.

Snows Crossing

Starfield Vineyard


This stunning vineyard is located at the Gateway to Apple Hill just off exit 49 in Placerville. Planted on the hillside above Smith Flat, are 30 acres of Italian and Rhone varieties, including our long awaited Aglianico Reserve. This isn’t the first time that grapes have been planted on this property. Soon after the Gold Rush in 1855, there was a crop planted, however, it went away during Prohibition, succeeded first by pears, then apples. Starfield Vineyards was inspired by the “star fields” – truly great vineyard sites, that make extraordinary wines possible. These truly great vineyard sites allow fruit to develop the optimal balance of aroma, flavor and texture.