Due Vigne Winery


We Strongly Believe That Great Wine Starts In The Vineyard.

The heart of Due Vigne is our 6-acre Cinnamon Hill Vineyard located at 2,300’ elevation in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Considered a prime growing region for many Italian varietals, Home to our award-winning Dolcetto, Nebbiolo and Sagrantino, Cinnamon Hill is  stands as the model for the rest of our vineyard selections. Our other varietals come from specially selected vineyards throughout El Dorado and Amador Counties, many of which we manage ourselves.

Biama Vineyard

Seven Mile Zinfandel

Located in the town of Camino in El Dorado County, Biama Vineyard is home to our Seven Mile Zinfandel. Formerly a logging community, Camino was originally known as “Seven Mile House” serving as a stagecoach stop for homesteaders traveling along the Old Carson Wagon Road in the late 1850’s. The “mile houses” were named so as they represented the distance traveled from one town to the next. Camino earned this name as it is seven miles east of the historic town of Placerville, a central hub during the California gold rush. Planted in 2005, this vineyard sits at 3100’ elevation and is made up of decomposed granite with an extreme amount of iron oxide which creates an illusion that the vineyard is glowing red. The budwood comes from the old Beatty Clone in Howell Mountain dating back to the early 1900’s.

Catamount Vineyard

Petite Sirah

Our Mountain Grown Petite Sirah comes from this high-elevation vineyard in Placerville known as Catamount. The name pays homage to the mountain cats indigenous to the surrounding area as well as the ones known to visit the vineyard on occasion. Located at 3100’ elevation, the vineyard sits above the fog on most days giving access to sunshine and producing grapes with dark pigments, strong tannins, and concentrated flavor. The vines were planted in 2003 on soils of slate and schist. The presence of quartz is also prominent with a large bolder located in the middle of the vineyard as well as smaller rocks scattered throughout the landscape. The significance of the quartz is its ability to change the temperature of a soil by retaining heat or reflecting sun. These three soils combined produce big, powerful wines with rich minerality.

Catamount Vineyard

Cinnamon Hill Vineyard

Nebbiolo and Dolcetto

Situated at 2,300’ elevation in the Sierra Nevada foothills halfway between Auburn and Placerville, our Cinnamon Hill Vineyard is home to our Dolcetto and Nebbiolo, both planted in 1997. The name Cinnamon Hill comes from the cinnamon-colored soil made from decomposed slate laid down by massive mud flows millions of years ago with the occasional streak of quartz that became famous in the 1850’s for its gold bearing veins. Sometimes referred to as “Secret Cinnamon”, this vineyard reveals a secretive tale of the journey by which our rare Nebbiolo clone found its way to our Cinnamon Hill Vineyard from one of the most prestigious producers in Italy. A renegade winemaker secretly made off with the original vines, and indirectly Cinnamon Hill ended up a lucky beneficiary.

La Collina Vineyard

Barbera 115

Our high elevation Barbera vineyard known as La Collina or, “the hill” performs beautifully with the clone 115 Barbera originally brought from Asti, Italy. At 2400’ in elevation, the vineyard is planted in the traditional Italian method of up and down slope rather than across. This south facing slope also differs in soil as it is granitic in nature rather than typical red decomposed slate. The combination of soil and climate create a masterpiece highlighting wild cherries and bright red fruits along with its classic bracing acidity, followed by very soft tannins.

La Collina Vineyard

Shaker Ridge Vineyard

Barbera and Primitivo

The Shaker Ridge Vineyard is located on a gently rolling ridgetop near Highway 49 in El Dorado. It is surrounded by valleys created by the North Fork of the Cosumnes River a couple miles to its north and west, and by the Middle Fork of the Cosumnes River to its southeast. The elevation is approximately 1500′ above sea level with hot days and cool nights typical of the Sierra Foothills region (and the occasional winter snow storm). The Primitivo vineyard is planted with the 03 clone of Primitivo while the Barbera is planted with clone 02 both on classic drought- and phylloxera-resistant rootstock The soils here are deep, red clay loam granitic soils, becoming more shallow at the northern end due to large slabs of quartz near the surface.

Snows Crossing Vineyard

Snows Crossing Vineyard is one of our newest additions to the Due Vigne portfolio. Located at 3100’ elevation on Snows Road between Camino and Pleasant Valley, this pure south 9% grade is made up of decomposed granite with high levels of iron oxide which are ideal for growing world-class Rhone varietals: Cinsault (SAN-soh) and Syrah.

Snows Crossing

Starfield Vineyard


This stunning vineyard is located at the Gateway to Apple Hill just off exit 49 in Placerville. Planted on the hillside above Smith Flat, are 30 acres of Italian and Rhone varieties, including our long awaited Aglianico Reserve. This isn’t the first time that grapes have been planted on this property. Soon after the Gold Rush in 1855, there was a crop planted, however, it went away during Prohibition, succeeded first by pears, then apples. Starfield Vineyards was inspired by the “star fields” – truly great vineyard sites, that make extraordinary wines possible. These truly great vineyard sites allow fruit to develop the optimal balance of aroma, flavor and texture.